whalefall 2.jpg

 by Ian Sinclair

Winner of the Malcolm Robertson Prize 2017

"When a whale dies… very, very far out to sea...It falls.”

Nadine returns to the beach-side home and family she abandoned years ago; She’s back to re-establish a relationship with her daughter however Nadine discovers they are now oceans apart. Whale Fall is a slow-burning drama about second chances, gender identity and unconditional love.

As member of the 2016 Emerging Writers Group I developed 'Whale Fall', part of First Time Read, Presented as part of The Blue Room Theatre 'Summer Nights' at Fringe World Festival.

'Whale Fall' was showcased in the Studio Underground. This is the first time the play was read by actors.

Cast included: Alicia Osyka, Phil Miolin, Amy Mathews.