Intimate Object For The Symbiocene explores how our personal histories and climate change narratives are inextricably and familially linked.

Combining photography, private items, audio, text and aroma; viewers encounter three autobiographical yet speculative stories. One of my father’s disappearance, another of returning to my abandoned family home and moment in my daughter’s life at my present age.

Inspired by Australian Philospher Dr. Glenn Albrecht’s text Exiting The Anthropocene and Entering The Symbiocene. In which he argues that the next era in human history should be The Symbiocene (from the Greek sumbiosis, or companionship)as reaction against the idea of the Anthropocene.

The scientific meaning of the word ‘symbiosis’ implies living together for mutual benefit. This profound concept is used as the basis for discussing what could be the next period of my own genealogy and Earth’s history. This immersive work affirms the interconnectedness of life and all living ecological, through storytelling, sculpture and evolutionary thinking.