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A Short Night of Glass Dolls is a musique concrète play using low-budget pulp shocker techniques – recorded and live manipulated sound and voice over action tell a black comedy mystery about the altered landscape of journalism.

Georgina Maughn, a reporter is found lying in a park. She’s taken to the local hospital where she is eventually pronounced dead and her body is transferred to the morgue.

The problem is Georgina isn’t dead; she attempts to move and speak but no one hears her.

As she is placed in the freezer to wait an autopsy, she begins re-tracing her steps from the previous night.

A Short Night of Glass Dolls is a queer re-imagining of Italian Writer/ Director Aldo Lado's 1971 cult film.

This adaptation playfully presents conventions of the Giallo thriller genre and radio play codes: recorded voice-over, the process of horror sound effects created live and campy dialogue overdubbing to explore the shifting balance of power between journalism and its audience.