After any major attack, you are likely to find in bleak, alt-right corners of the internet, conspiracy theories that the survivors or victims of tragedies, made it all up or were part of a troupe of paid “crisis actors.” 
This pitch-black play, ‘Crisis Actor’ presents the controversial and ludicrous theory as if it were a reality, to explore how our intimate relationships are being shaped, heightened and re-imagined by the current Post-truth and Post-Pandemic Era.
Grey is desperate, out-work actor, who auditions, wins the part and begins training for a mysterious but well-paid role. Grey has scored the role of a ‘Crisis Actor’. 
One of many performers, who will be utilised in an undisclosed, never revealed possible large or small-scale tragedy. 
Grey’s long-term partner Olive, a Parasitologist, recounts to the audience a science lecture on, the function, dark beauty and resilient lives of parasites.
The two are thrown into a world in which catastrophe exists around every corner.
Crisis Actor is a dark comedy of what happens when daily events become heightened, filled with a slow-burning dread.  

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