How should we name the era we will all die in? Epoch Wars is an immersive, participatory live artwork camouflaged as a symposium, where Pony Express challenge the naming of the ‘Anthropocene’ to explore who is really responsible for the state of our planet.   
In response to the 36th International Geological Congress, a scientific delegation with the power to formalize the word ‘Anthropocene’ as the name for this age of Earth’s history, Pony Express present Epoch Wars as an alternative: a queered, artist-driven, alternative congress consisting of multiple interventions across the world in the years 2019-2021.
Working with communities of artists, thinkers, and ecological visionaries, we incite our audiences to imagine and fight for the name that fits the future they want to live in. 
Bringing together global partners, Epoch Wars will feature a public speakers’ program, a series of commissioned artworks exploring new epoch names from diverse creators and community groups, and an immersive event presented as a symposium-meets-live-artwork that breaks the binary between science and storytelling.
Epoch Wars is presented as an adaptable model that responds to venues and locations, a platform to amplify the voices of diverse and specific communities to enter into the high-stakes global debate around naming Earth’s coming epoch in real time.
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